Sixth Day

OMG 6 gold medals today! 

Gold: Judo- Kayla Harrison; Women’s Eight; Women’s 200m breaststroke- Rebecca Soni; Men’s 200m backstroke- Tyler Clary; Men’s IM- Michael Phelps; Women’s All Around- Gaby Douglas

Silver: Men’s IM- Ryan Lochte

Bronze: Men’s 200m backstroke- Ryan Lochte

*All the gold medals today came with an amazing accomplishment.

1. It was first ever gold in judo for the USA

2. The US Eights team have been undefeated for the past 6 years

3. Rebecca Soni is the only woman to repeat gold in the 100 breast and the first woman to swim this race in under 2:20!

4. Tyler Clary set an Olympic record with a time of 1:53:41

5. Michael Phelps defended his gold in this event for a third time and won his 20th medal in the process!

6. Gabby Douglass is the third straight American woman to win the all around and is the first African American woman to do so!

Also congrats to the Khatuna Long and Aly Raisman for their incredibly close 4th place finishes. 

Friday, 3 - 08 - 2012

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